Exterior Car Detailing

Most damage to vehicle paintwork can be done from poor quality product/ equipment/ washing methods. The Daniel Car Detailing uses a huge range of pH-neutral cleaning products & pre-wash methods to ensure dirt is safely removed from your vehicles adding no scratches to the vehicle should it be old or new /protected or unprotected. All surfaces are sealed with a repelling spray sealant that will protect and assist existing protection to the vehicle for a few washes.

  • Alloys cleaned with a pH neutral wheel cleaner/ degreaser
  • Wheel arches, door shuts and wheels cleaned with citrus degreaser
  • The vehicle is pre-rinsed with a ‘Snow Foam’, that safely loosens surface dirt
  • Paintwork and windows are washed with a pH neutral shampoo wash using a microfibre wash mitt
  • The vehicle dried with a ‘Deep pile’ microfibre towel and all excess water is air blown.
  • Interior seats and trim are cleaned and vacuumed and wiped with a leather cleaner.
  • Exterior windows and mirrors are cleaned and protected.
  • Paintwork and wheels are maintained with a high-quality spray sealant
  • Tires are dressed with a ‘satin’ gel to ensure depth and tire writing is visible.

These are the recommended steps to cleanse or maintain your detailed vehicle.

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